Deutz-Kalker Straße 46
D-50679 Köln
ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG is a leading provider of legal protection services. With premium revenues of EUR 296 million in 2011, the company is among the fastest-growing in the industry and now holds third place in the German legal protection market. The portfolio of the legal protection specialist includes products for both private and business customers. In the private customer segment, the product range extends from legal protection for motorists to comprehensive legal protection packages. This also includes cost coverage for mediation proceedings. ROLAND Rechtsschutz products for business customers include tailor-made solutions for companies as well as professionals, e.g. for top managers, doctors, tax consultants and architects.
ROLAND Rechtsschutz not only covers the costs in legal protection cases, but also takes preventive action. Customer have access to initial legal advice by telephone around the clock – even before a legal dispute develops. Furthermore, ROLAND has a network of 2,500 qualified legal partners and, as an additional service, refers customers to a suitable law office when required.

Overview of the ROLAND-Group, Cologne
The companies of the ROLAND-Group are among the leading providers of legal protection, litigation financing, accident & breakdown cover and assistance services. With 1,383 employees, the group generates gross premium revenues of EUR 324.9 million as well as sales and other revenue of EUR 47.3 million (2011 financial year).

Business areas and product programmes:
ROLAND Rechtsschutz: founded in 1957; among the top providers in Germany; successful in several European countries; legal protection solutions for private, business and industrial customers.
Jurpartner Rechtsschutz: offers affordable coverage for private customers as the second legal protection brand in the group
ROLAND ProzessFinanz: finances legal proceedings for a contingency fee
ROLAND Schutzbrief: Germany’s third-largest accident & breakdown cover provider; innovative accident & breakdown cover packages and built-in accident & breakdown cover
ROLAND Assistance: B2B coverage concepts in the Vehicle & Mobility, Home & Living, Health & Care and Travel & Added Value business areas.