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Camera Work collection at art KARLSRUHE
(lifePR) (Karlsruhe, ) Art and fashion form a relationship with a long tradition. A look into the history of photography is enough to recognise how close this liaison still is today. Photographs from great names such as Brassaï and Man Ray reveal only too clearly how fuzzy the edges are between the two disciplines.

They provide evidence of a mutual interest as well. And as photography has meanwhile become part and parcel of art KARLSRUHE, the coming event, taking place from 10 to 13 March 2011 and billed as a focal point for art, is an appropriate setting.

Art fair curator Ewald Karl Schrade has once again acquired a highlight as a special showcase: the prestigious Berlin gallery for photography, Camera Work, is opening its treasure chest and putting its collection on display.

In Hall 1, traditionally the home of graphic editions, photography, and edition-type works in general, the gallery is showing roughly 150 pictures under the title of "Fashion" - Nine centuries of fashion photography. The exhibition offers a representative overview of the development of this genre since the twenties. All the important photographers are represented here. Classically pictorial, the wonderful compositions by Edward Steichen. Formal, one of the greatest: Horst P. Horst. And exquisite works by Irving Penn are also on show. They all prove how permeable the boundaries are between supposedly applied and fine art. Moreover it's the material itself that's concerned lately, with painting and photography merging in works such as those of Michelangelo Di Battista and Tina Berning.

For the eighth art KARLSRUHE, too, placement of the special exhibitions has been carefully thought-out and is oriented towards the gallery owners' offerings. The so-called New Positions are consequently grouped in the dm-arena (Hall 4) around the rousing works of the Kopp Collection from Munich. And all those interested in vintage prints and other photographic gems will find in Hall 1 - right next to the special showcase - ample opportunity to add to their own collections.

By the way: "The Berlin Senate's exhibition sponsorship has borne fruit," says Ewald Karl Schrade, demonstrated by the partnership with the Regional Association of Berlin Galleries in the framework of the mottoed exhibition ART FROM BERLIN. Amongst the newcomers, three gallery owners of the "Berlin Block" have opted for normal participation in the eighth art KARLSRUHE with its established mix of contemporary and classic modern art.


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