Baby Products: Market Recovering Well from Global Economic Meltdown

New study IC Market Tracking Indoor Baby Products in Europe 2011 by Interconnection Consulting out now
(lifePR) (WIEN, ) Beds are the biggest market segment within indoor baby products. Over € 353,2 million have been sold in 2010, which is an increase of 1.5% and forecasted within the years 2014. High Chairs, with a market share of 23.8% in this segment, have achieved a turnover of € 194,7 million in 2010, which is an increase of 1.8% from 2009 to 2010. The biggest European market for indoor baby products is France with a total turnover of € 178,0 million.

During times of crisis, parents focus on essentials

As a reason of the plummeting global economy and individual income, parents tend to buy only indispensible baby products. This explains why products, such as cradles, standard beds or infants seats are relatively stable segments, while "accessories" like swings, walkers and entertainers show irregular change rates.

Takeovers on the rise

With 74.7% of market share, the top ten market players of Indoor Baby Products are facing a high competition among each other, as well as a huge threat of new entrants. Only few players cover all segments in this market, like Artsana and Stokke. Some segments are dominated by very specific specialist Baby Björn with baby carriers, Mattel with portable swings, Stokke with high chairs, etc. "This situation, is a positive climate for future takeovers", according to Astrid Maier of Interconnection.

Best performing countries

The total market value in indoor baby products could reach a sales volume of € 810,9 million in 2010. France keeps first position in Europe with a market share of 21.9% in 2010, followed by Italy with 19.9% and United Kingdom with a total market share of 15.9%.of the total European market in 2010.

Safety first, style second

Competitiveness in the future will require the development of a distinctive USP, either through the differentiation of material, green thinking, or accessories etc. Currently, customers are more sensitive towards quality and therefore seeing prices as an indicator for high quality products and safety. This demand is positively influencing the luxury segment and reducing the market entry barrier for high quality baby products.


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