Feiyr declares War on Track Piracy

Monitoring System reduces illegal Downloads
Michael Pichler, CTO Feiyr.com (lifePR) (Traunstein, ) Websites offer illegal downloads of music tracks, significantly hampering their chance of commercial success. Online music distributor Feiyr.com therefore developed an effective remedy: it continuously monitors such websites and makes sure the respective links are deleted.

Websites entice consumers with free illegal music downloads from sharing services. They collect links to these files from such services and prepare them for users in a convenient fashion, similar to download stores. This practice is annoying to artists, since every illegal download translates to a monetary loss for them.

"We want to limit the number of illegal downloads or prevent them altogether," says Michael Pichler, technical director at Feiyr. "For this purpose we developed a monitoring systems that permanently checks for illegal releases of our users' content at service providers and immediately calls for deletion when it finds such downloads." This direct request for deletion of tracks has proven to be successful. Most providers remove the respective links very quickly in fear of legal action.

The quicker the request is submitted to the provider, the smaller the damage. Therefore, during the first two weeks of an order, websites are monitored every two hours, dropping to twice a day after that. At the end of the verification period, the Feiyr user is provided with an overview of found and deleted links.


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