Feiyr Clients can now see the number of their Beatport Subscribers

Feiyr clients know more: With a new statistics feature they are now able to see how many subscribers a label or artist generates through the Beatport online music store
Feiyr Logo (lifePR) (Traunstein, ) Clients of Beatport - the largest online music store for DJs in the world - Feiyr are able to subscribe to labels and artists. Those labels and artists in turn are keen to know how many subscribers they have on Beatport.

Therefore, Feiyr clients now have access to a new statistics feature. On a daily basis, subscriber statistics of labels and artists sold from Feiyr to Beatport are gathered and presented visually to users. Feiyr music labels can find out how many people have subscribed to a selected label or artist and how that number has changed in the past. Feiyr users are also continuously updated on news regarding the respective artist or label.

"Music Market knowledge is a key to successful sales. That is why we keep expanding our statistics features to provide our users with an optimum information basis for their sales activities at all times," says label manager Michael Althammer.


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