Feiyr Distributes Support Band of Bon Jovi

Promoted Band "The Makemakes" Got Through
(lifePR) (Traunstein, ) More than hundred bands and artists from all over Austria and surroundings wanted to be the support band of rock legend Bon Jovi, who is going to have a concert in Viennas Krieau at 17th of May.

Very quickly it was clear, that "The Makemakes" from Flachgau will be the perfect candidate.

Founded in may 2012, one month later, The Makemakes were already present in the Austian charts with their first single. Their song "The Lovercall" rotated in all Austrian radio stations and even found it's way to Bayrischen Rundfunk.

In February 2013, they released their Katy-Perry cover song "Ur So Gay", which already has nearly one million clicks on YouTube just after three months.

They gained all their success with a cooperation with www.feiyr.com. Feiyr is an online platform where you can easily and favourably distribute as well as promote your music, so that it will be available for a large number of people in more than 300 portals Together with Christina Stürmer, the young Flachgauers will open the concert of superstars Bon Jovi in front of about 60,000 fans, on Friday (17th May).

For an Austian act this is sort of a "knighthood" and absolutely incredible , there's nothing which is bigger, better or more fulminant.


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