Herbarom – Natural Colouring with Apple Extracts

(lifePR) (Werder, ) Latest research regarding colouring of foods (Leatherhead Food Research and Mintel, UK) showed that natural colours overtook artificial and synthetic ones by now. Between 2007 and 2011 the market share of natural colours increased by 5% to 39%, whereas that of artificial colours decreased in the same time from 40% to 37%. This boom is fuelled by the increasing demand and the utmost interest of consumers in using natural food ingredients.

In 2011 IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, USA) published a study on levels of potentially dangerous substances (imidazoles) in foods coloured with burnt sugar E 150c and E 150d. This led to an intensified discussion about natural brown colourings to be used instead of burnt sugar.

The apple extract Herbarom is used in various products for years. Due to its colouring properties and pleasant flavour it offers many possible applications. During juice production a natural enzymatic reaction will lead to the formation of a brown colour in the mashed fruits. This oxidative effect can also be observed when cutting an apple in two halves. Therefore Herbarom is a fruit based alternative to burnt sugar.

Depending on the dosage it is possible to achieve colours from golden yellow to dark brown. Furthermore the apple extract still contains sugars, minerals and fruit acids which can round off the taste in many products.

During the manufacturing process it is possible to produce different types of Herbarom. Those differ in colour and flavour intensity. The products Herbarom AF 03 and Herbarom AF 06 will give some sweetness and a fruity touch to sweets, bakery products or beverages. Besides, the apples' own sugars fructose and sorbitol will give a light texture to bakery products and can also increase fresh keeping of the crumb.

In products where a dark, brown colour is needed Herbarom AF 12 and Herbarom AF 24-SR (sugar reduced) will fit perfectly. The latter is especially suitable for sugar free products like dark soft drinks or savoury, brown gravies.

From a food regulatory point of view Herbarom is classified as colouring foodstuff and can be labelled as "apple extract" or "colouring apple extract". This complies with customer demands for more natural ingredients and will also transfer the positive image of fruits and apples to the end product.


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