Songtracking shows where and when a song is played

Users of the online music distributor Feiyr can now keep track of when and where their songs are played / The information supports promotion and shows illegal use of a track
Songtracking (lifePR) (Vachendorf, ) Who sells his tracks, wants to know in detail when and where they have been played. Therefore offers his users songtracking. Artists can track when and where their songs or excerpts of them have been played or used in the internet, radio or television. Hundreds of TV and radio stations and millions of websites are tracked worldwide. The track is detected when someone uses more than three seconds - no matter if the song is played in the background, has been changed or if there is voice-over.

Discover illegal use

The information is not only suitable for promotional purposes, but it also protects the customer against losses resulting from unlawful use of their own music. Song tracking helps the user to identify illegal use of his songs and so he may demand outstanding payments. He can prove this use withan excerpt of music, which Feiyr provides.

A songtracking runs three months

A song tracking runs three months and costs 8.95 Euros. During this period, the user has access to all tracking data. The song Tracking can be extended or restarted at any time.


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