Snowflake midnight

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) On September 29, 2008 MERCURY REV will release their seventh studio album, SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT. It includes nine new songs, each one's crystalline form completely unique. Zoom in on any part of SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT and at any magnification, it always reveals the forces of symmetry and chaos. Innocent, intuitive, and elusive, SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT never fails to resemble itself... a mirror in a mirror in a mirror.

Strange attractor

But wait, there's more...SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT has its companion... STRANGE ATTRACTOR. The STRANGE ATTRACTOR full-length album includes eleven FREE tracks. That's right, this album is absolutely FREE to download for anyone who chooses to do so.

Simply go to and click on the mailing list link. Just give us a little information about yourself and you'll receive electronic instructions directly following the release of SNOWFLAKE MIDNIGHT. Our way of saying thanks... Enjoy!


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