Earn Money with YouTube

With a YouTube partner channel of Feiyr, artists get sale opportunities with a lot of advantages
(lifePR) (Vachendorf, ) Earn Money with YouTube - what was once considered difficult, is now possible with the YouTube partner program for some time. About six billion hours video are consumed monthly on YouTube, the most famous and popular social network in the world. The community provides about 100 hours per minute - and earns money with advertisement, for which the video producers get a share.

With more than 800 partner channels, almost 100,000 video uploads and more than 1.6 million subscribers Feiyr is one of the biggest supplier of exclusive content. Feiyr users, which load up their videos to YouTube, have access to earnings from additional advertising, development programs, analysis tools and community resources.

Generate advertising revenues with the partner program

Artists which run one or several YouTube accounts themselves, can have these videos monetized through www.feiyr.com and earn money with it: YouTube anneals the earnings of your video through the Feiyr account. Feiyr stays with its fingers on the pulse of current affairs and constantly develops new strategies to optimize its partner's financial potential.

Strong community favors high income

The amount of revenues YouTube generates depends on different factors, for example the number of clicks on your videos. With the Feiyr multi-channel network you got a strong community behind you whose steady development also affects your financial success positively. So it is possible to earn several hundred to thousands of Euros in one month.

Feiyr at VidCon

What's new in the online videos sector? Producers, fans and ... will meet from 26th - 28th June in Anaheim, California at VidCon, a conference, fair and party about online videos. Feiyr will also be there.

You will find all information about Feiyr and YouTube here: http:// www.feiyr.com/...


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