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cd pressing (lifePR) (Vachendorf, ) User of the online music distributor Feiyr can now press their songs professionally as audio CD or video DVD. This work easily through the customers Feiyr account and is possible from 30 pieces.

Despite all advantages of the digital music distribution - Artists need to hold something in their hands: a CD or DVD with their own songs, which they can sell, or give away for promotion purposes. This is now possible though an account of the music distributor Feiyr with just a few clicks. The professional CD pressing complements the extensive service offerings for musicians and creative, which market their works on the internet themselves.

The Highest Audio Quality

The user chooses in his Feiyr account, if he wants to press his songs on audio CD or video DVD. On the audio CD (700 MB) the songs will be saved as uncompressed audio files. On one CD you can save up to 80 Minutes, and this with a high audio quality. The video DVD (4,7 GB) is the best choice if you want to save videos or audio in outstanding Quality.

Flexible Number of pieces from 30

Weather 30 or 3,000 - the number of pieces is selectable. Small Series from 30 pieces will be manufactured in digital printing and finished with a UV protective coating. These are highly professional copies.

From 300 pieces they will be manufactured industrially in offset or screen printing. You have the choice between more than 30 possibilities of packing - from Jewel case to Polybag to Digipak.

The offer is forwarded to an external service company. After three to twelve weekdays the artist will get is CDs or DVDs via post.


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