Tips for a relaxing family holiday: GfK study identifies the main sources of stress

Proper planning is the key to a happy holiday +++ Bad food and lack of cleanliness can spoil the trip
(lifePR) (Nürnberg, ) Holidays are every child's favourite time of year. To ensure a successful break for the whole family, it's important to plan well and respect the wishes of everybody who's travelling. In a joint study involving more than 1,000 participants over the age of 14, HOTEL DE and German consumer research company GfK investigated what it is that makes German families happy on their holidays.

When it comes to what brings happiness, staycations are out and foreign travel is in. The happiest family holidays are spent in Italy (16%), Mallorca (12%), or the US (12%). Germany comes in mid-table in the rankings, with 5% of those surveyed citing German destinations as places that guarantee a great holiday.

Proper planning is essential

The more children that go on the holiday, the more stressful it becomes. According to the survey, while families with only one child claim to have the happiest holidays, happiness levels decrease steadily with each additional child.

Precise planning and prior research are crucial to counteract this trend and ensure the perfect holiday. For the majority (51.1%), a trip can be considered a success if everything goes exactly as planned and everybody is left satisfied. On the other hand, 32.7% of those surveyed placed more value on variety, fun, and an element of surprise. Only 16.3% expect complete relaxation on their holiday.

Predictability is even more highly sought after when it comes to choosing a hotel. 61.4% of families want their hotel to be exactly as expected. In contrast, only 16.7% look for hotels that offer activities, while 21.9% feel that being able to relax after a busy day of holidaymaking is the most important factor.

With this in mind, it's important to find out each traveller's expectations before the trip, and to be able to answer the following questions: What kind of accommodation does each family member want? What family-friendly sights and activities are there in the area? Does the hotel offer a children's programme so that Mum and Dad can relax now and then?

When you book with HOTEL DE, the whole family can check out the accommodation options on offer before making a decision. Hotels that are particularly family-friendly are presented in a separate category.

Avoid holiday pitfalls

Bad food puts 73.1% of families in a bad mood. Younger diners in particular will benefit from accommodation that has a buffet option, as everybody can then find something to fill up on.

71.2% of those surveyed said that a lack of cleanliness would spoil the holiday atmosphere. A good way to avoid this problem is to check hotel reviews before booking. The reviews on HOTEL DE paint a reliable picture of each hotel as they come solely from people that have booked with them previously.

Nothing can ruin a holiday as effectively as illness - 74.1% of families surveyed listed this as the biggest holiday nuisance. Therefore, a first-aid kit with the essential cold, fever, and stomach pain remedies is a must for dealing with minor ailments quickly. The first holiday hazard lies in wait on the plane, where the cold air from the air conditioning can fast-track you to a respiratory infection. A towel or thin scarf should be included in everybody's hand luggage, as it will not only protect against draughts, but can serve as a pillow or blanket should you want forty winks. Follow these tips to ensure the whole family arrives happy and healthy at your holiday destination.

For more information on holiday happiness, check out this article (in German):


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