Dez Wilder uses endurance mountain bike racing to overcome his eating disorders (and other issues) and makes it to the top. Or so he thinks...

Going from being in the pits of hell to the top of the world and back again, Dez Wilder gains control over his inner demons for a while. This suppressed self-destructive compulsion rears its ugly head again when he least expects it
Dez Wilder - 26 Beats per Minute (lifePR) (Pasadena, California, ) As a kid, I never expected to find my salvation racing through the woods in the middle of the night aboard a mountain bike.

I never dreamed I would become an athlete of any kind, especially a professional.

And I never thought I would struggle with an eating disorder as I made my way through high school and transitioned into the adult world.

But you know what they say about expecting the unexpected.

This is the story of a boy who became a young man, hell bent on conquering his demons by putting himself through as much pain as possible on his way to becoming a true competitor in the endurance mountain bike racing community.

This is a story about winning and losing and giving it everything you've got.

And this is a true story, my true story.


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