Premiumgym: back-friendly training for the whole body

Picture: Premiumgym/AGR (lifePR) (Selsingen, ) There's a new training device for people who normally associate sport with pain and problems: the Premiumgym consists of a base board made of solid wood and two telescopic bars, each with a wooden ball at the top end. The bars can be placed in any of the six semi-circular recesses in the base board. The device is ideal for guided, supported all-body training that combines the elements of traditional conservative physiotherapy with modern training methods. Thanks to the positive effect on body posture, spinal column and back muscles, the system recently received the renowned seal of approval from the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs).

Premiumgym uses the forces of gravity: the individually adjustable telescopic bars shift the load from the upper part of the body into the floor, thus creating a functional unit between body and device. Even short sessions can help relieve tension and blockages.

Imitating natural movement patterns
The training system can be used for playful imitation of many different movement patterns, such as swimming, rowing and climbing. The system promotes natural movement sequences, trains different groups of muscles and activates the myofascial chains (connections between muscles and fasciae throughout the body).

The clever thing is that the user doesn't have to be able to swim or overcome a fear of heights, while the injury risk is minimised at the same time.

Diversity and mobility
In addition to general fitness training, Premiumgym is ideal particularly for prevention, rehabilitation and therapy. It is used for initial mobilisation after surgery to joints and pelvis, for practising movement sequences and as training for the abdomen and back.

Individual adjustments to the physical effort required relieve the pressure on the joints while exercising. Mobility of joint systems is thus also effectively enhanced, while specifically stretching and strengthening certain groups of muscles.

Premiumgym allows for great mobility: training is possible anywhere and everywhere, thanks to the compact design and comparatively low weight for this kind of equipment. It can also be used together with a wide range of accessories such as fitness tapes or exercise balls, while the fully variable individual adjustment possibilities permit maximum training flexibility.

AGR seal of approval

The function board had to fulfil the following requirements to obtain the AGR seal of approval:

• Suitable for use in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation
• Enhancement of the mobility of joint systems
• Specific strengthening and stretching of selected muscle groups
• Multi-dimensional, multi-articular possibilities
• Used in various positions (e.g. standing, sitting, kneeling, lying down, etc.)
• Warranted relief for the joints while exercising
• Possibility for guided movements
• Variation and differentiation in physical effort
• Reliable floor contact without slipping
• Understandable, detailed training instructions
• Easy to clean


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