Diva 2.0 guest bathroom: lots of personality in a small space

The guest bathroom from burgbad's Diva 2.0 collection sets itself apart from conventional solutions
The shape and finish of burgbad’s Diva 2.0 guest vanity ensemble in exclusive real wood veneer is vaguely evocative of Renaissance art and will have princesses of any age dreaming of fairytale castles (lifePR) (Bad Fredeburg, ) The relaunch of the classic Diva design captures the contemporary spirit: its classic design language, thoroughly modern streamlined contours, premium workmanship that picks up on old craft traditions and real wood veneer surfaces in exclusive quality add up to a bathroom with genuine personality. Diva 2.0 is by no means an “off-the-peg” collection. And the guest bathroom shares the same aspirations: it makes users big and small feel like a star – like a diva, just as the name suggests.
The vanity ensemble (height: 850mm, width: 590mm) is available with a tap ledge (depth: 485mm) or without (for use in combination with a wall-mounted tap; depth: 445mm). Under the bowl-shaped mineral cast washbasin – which comes in Brilliant or Velvet White and Black – a cabinet provides convenient storage space concealed beneath an elegantly curved door.
The Diva 2.0 guest bathroom succeeds in combining daintiness with geometric clarity. Thanks to the characteristic elliptical shape of the mineral cast washbasin and cabinet, the expressive unit also makes an unexpectedly slender impression. The wooden legs and lesene-like trims – the colour of which can be selected independently of the fronts – emphasise the verticals and can be combined to create an attractive bicolour look geared to the colour of the washbasin.

Vivid veneered surface with 3D-effect diamond pattern
In addition to all the options available for the fronts of the Diva 2.0 collection – oak veneers and lacquered matt or high-gloss finishes in a wide range of colours – burgbad also offers a very special finish exclusively for the guest bathroom ensemble: a veneered surface with a diamond pattern in charcoal grey that creates a particularly attractive 3D effect.
A small, perfectly circular illuminated mirror surrounded by an LED frame (diameter: 500mm, depth: 60mm) puts the finishing touch to the vanity ensemble. But the little guest vanity can also be flanked by the tall or half-height cabinets from the Diva 2.0 collection, and the various pieces of furniture and accessories – such as the padded stool or the little mirror with integrated shelf – turn the guest bathroom ensemble into a highly presentable example of contemporary bathroom culture.


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