International pop star from Israel Tel-Aviv, faces success with a new song

The hit song FAME includes a single released to all digital music stores (2.2.2018) and an impressive video clip by Avoxvision / This is Israeli gay pop star's way of dealing with his success
Fame - Cover (lifePR) (Tel Aviv, ) "I am not the best singer in the world" says Joey Bar, out of deep understanding. "And possibly my voice is not the clearest in the world, or my tones are not on point. But I am working on that really seriously now". "No one will stop me from continuing recording my songs". Joey says these lines not by chance, having being rejected by several competitions in Israel, such as "X-Factor". "We all must follow our dreams, and my dream has always been becoming a pop star, and I am here to make it happen". "Mostly I am an actor, not a singer". "I learned how to present a song during my acting studies in London, I have plenty to say and I express it through my songs". "I do get assistance from computer processing, and it is currently difficult for me to perform live, but I keep creating materials". "I promise to go on and never quit, I feel some people may say I'm bad, and that’s just fine, let them say it." "I think for myself that I am not the greatest in the world, but the recording studio let me express my soul, and that’s exactly what I want to be doing." "My biggest dream is to reach billions with my music through-out the globe, and I'm achieving that dream step-by-step." Actor Joey Bar, born in Israel. Joey showed a passion for acting at a young age and starred in many plays throughout his childhood. He studied drama in Tel Aviv, attended Ivana Chubbuck's acting studio, as well as studying at the London School of Drama, STAR-TEK. His debut role was in Cinderella (directed by James Madden, London). He has appeared in films and TV commercials and is also a singer. His debut album, “Lies and Sins”, includes a song produced by Gess Productions (London), the music producer of Fame.


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