Dentist's Wilfe - a mint-fresh new laptop approach....say, "Ah"

Crumpler Laptop bag for 13" and 15" Notebooks
Dentist's Wife (lifePR) (Köln, ) Dentist"s Wife - a mint-fresh new laptop approach....say, "Ah"

Short hair on women always looks horrendous. Seriously, it sucks every single time. Is long hair inconvenient and lots of trouble? Yes. Do I care? Absolutely not. Well in laptop bags, it"s the total opposite. This new spunky-spiked bag holds up to a 13" or 15" laptop without the fuss of blow drying and styling each morning. Consider it tougher than Joan of Arc and with a lot more functional flair that"ll keep you looking sexy.

Dentits"s Wife small Fits 13" laptops and accessories
Dentits"s Wife large Fis 15" laptops and accessories


- 1000D Chicken Tex Supreme(TM) hyper performance accessory fabric
- Waterproof ripstop lining
- Fixed protective central laptop sleeve with integrated pockets and card slots, lining and mesh pockets
- Large main opening with strong large size zipper
- Two external quick access hidden pockets
- Padded handles for comfortable wearing in any position
- Removable shoulder strap 2 sizes, 4 colours each

Dentist"s Wife Small RRP: 100,--Euro
Dentist"s Wife Large RRP: 120,-- Euro


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