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Elastic loops for in-pouch working; special zip protection to keep the laptop from scratching (lifePR) (Köln, ) It feels so top-drawer-silky-smooth when you slip into one of these pouches you might decide to light some candles and stay in for the night. These comfortable sleeves for your 12" to 17" laptop offer the warmth and protection of a gorilla club doorman, keeping dings and scratches politely behind the velvet rope, obeying its authority.

- New protective laptop sleeve with extra soft bumps on the corners for special protection
- shiny finish
- strong zip for strong closing with special protection to keep the laptop from scratching
- flexible sizing to fit more laptops and future laptops
- elastic loops for in-pouch working

6 sizes fits 12", 13", 14", 15", 15"w and 17"w laptops RRP: 38,-- bis 50,-- Euro


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Venloer Straße 19
D-50672 Köln
Margit Haatz
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