The Slip - shiny, bendy and forbidden

Crumpler Accessories
Fits perfect for 13 (lifePR) (Köln, ) It's time to give it to them - the Slip. They all want to get their mitts on one. So shiny, bendy and forbidden. But use your silver shield to ward off all those sticky perpatrators. It's the wipe clean a-blanket for looking dynamite. Isn't it time you slipped one on?


- Made from 100% SlippertexTM Microfibre
- Cleans your screen
- Protects the screen and keypad from itching
- It's also a mousepad

RRP: 16,-- to 20,-- EUR

7 sizes

For 12", 13", 13" Air, 14", 15", 15"wide and 17"wide screens


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Margit Haatz
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